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Calligraphy Inc Hampshire. Duncan Anderson your Calligrapher

Add lasting value to your Awards, Certificates, Commemorative Scrolls,

Wedding Invitations, Seating Plans, Place Cards, Albums, Menus, Poetry and Books

Through the ancient and beautiful craft of the calligrapher and heraldic artist.

IF by Rudyard Kipling - with alternating lines of colour

Order out of chaos.

My studio during the creation of this piece

of popular  whimsy

by Rudyard Kipling

Bespoke Calligraphy to Order                   

Telephone:07521 225333

Calligraphy Inc is run by Duncan Anderson, a calligrapher with over fifty years experience of this beautiful and demanding craft. He is also an accomplished portrait artist and illustrator and is able to bring that added dimension to his calligraphy. Additionally, as an experienced graphic artist, his innate sense of design seems to flow through all the work he produces.


Over the years he has gained many clients from many different countries and cultures and is very careful to make sure that he can always produce exactly what his customers demand. Though often to a standard much higher than they envisaged. Yet don't assume that calligraphy is necessarily costly to commission. Duncan's prices start at the surprisingly low figure of 40p a word for the simplest (most legible) styles of writing. Charging on a per-word basis allows potential clients to make an informed decision on whether to proceed by being able to discover for themselves the likely cost involved.

Though there are literally hundreds of different writing styles to choose from there is no need to worry as expert guidance is always available. Styles are available either from those shown on the website or extrapolated from examples supplied. Writing styles will, in turn, be used to create anything from the simplest place card or invitation to the more demanding commissions such as decorated scrolls, all are created in the Calligraphy Inc. Studio for Private Individuals, Colleges, Universities, Various Religious Authorities, Local, Regional and National Governments, Corporate Businesses, Advertising and Public Relations Companies and various branches of the British Military Establishment.

All Calligraphy Inc products are created in partnership with the guidance and advice that fifty four years of experience can bring to your commission.


07521 225333