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Font Styles

You can be ancient or modern, formal or playful,

provocative or austere, exuberant or dull.

The list is as infinite as the number of writing styles available when you have a whole world of possibilities to choose from.

Because even the internet isn't big enough to display them all I have put together a small sample collection as an appetiser.  This consists of the most popular styles from my old website with the addition of a few new ones. I have also extended the range of some of the old favourites by adding italic and bold variants.

For the sake of simplicity I have grouped the samples

into three price bands.

You'll find the simplest and most legible styles designated A and costing 40p. a word. These styles are most suited for the main body text of a piece of work or in any situation where legibility is paramount.

Style range B at 55p a word is more challenging to produce but also has mostly good legibility.

Style range C priced at 70p a word, consists of

the lettering which is more time consuming to write and is often so exuberant in style that a little goes a long way.

Occasionally I am commissioned to produce a small selection of brand new lettering styles from which my client can make an exclusive selection for their personal use.

Over time the buildup of unused designs, created in this way becomes a bit of a nuisance as they begin to clamour for recognition in their own right. So this page has been created to give them a chance to strut their stuff for the very first time while you tell us exactly what you think of them.

Latest Styles

Writing Styles

NB. There is a minimum charge of £27.50

on all calligraphy commissions

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